Why Label Cloud?

Label Cloud is one of the simplest ways to print complex barcode labels from the Cloud. Based around an intuitive Designer interface software, Cloud labelling makes designing, managing and printing labels from the Cloud simple and yet retains full control - irrespective of size of business or user location.


Benefits Include

  • Quick Implementation - be up and running quickly, with minimal on premise IT resources

  • Compliance Enabled - ideal for Pharma industry labelling standards, including the new UDI Compliance for Medical Device manufacturers

  • Integrated Labelling Solution - pull data directly from your product data source or ERP, for improved accuracy and complete control

  • Easy Label Design - from any authorised user, at any location, anywhere in the world

  • Easily Scaleable - adding new printers and workstations couldn't be simpler with the Label Cloud Subscription Service

  • Secure and Manageable - full control of every label and every change and unbeatable version control.

  • Full Tracebility - preview a full history of printed labels and label design amendments with the Label Cloud Document Management System

There are different editions of Label Cloud depending on the needs of your business. Click the buttons below for more information:

  • 3 - 20 Printers

  • Web Printing

  • 1GB Document Storage Space

  • Standard Support

  • 5+ Printers

  • Web Printing

  • 5GB Document Storage Space

  • Premium Support

  • For Pharma & Medical Devices

  • Role Based Access

  • 12 Year Print History

  • Yearly compliance release schedule

How Does It Work?

LabelCloud Architecture.png
Click here to view the LabelCloud eBook.

Also downloadable as a PDF

Interested in finding out more about Cloud label printing and the benefits for your business? Contact us for a demonstration.