Label Cloud Business

For businesses who need to connect directly to a cloud based business system, Label Cloud Business provides a solution to control and manage label printing across multiple sites, without the need for substantial investment in on-premise servers and IT support.

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  • Integrate with your chosen on-premise or cloud-based ERP. Label Cloud Business is fully certified by SAP (including ABAP package) and other leading ERP solutions to integrate with their software, ensuring there is no data loss during the label printing process.

  • Features a Cloud Print Trigger – Securely integrate with 3rd party web and cloud applications and print directly to cloud-enabled printers - *Zebra Link-OS and some SATO models supported.

  • Centralised printer and print queue overview and management allows central IT to manage all printers, wherever they may be located. Includes customisable alerts for errors and other system events.

  • Easily convert previous label designs from BarTender and CODESOFT templates, with Label Convertor

  • Graphical integration builder for no-programming integration configuration

  • Or create more complex triggers and commands to ensure guarantee a fully integrated label printing solution, including bi-directional HTTP connector (REST), bi-directional Web Services connector (SOAP), configurable XML format processing and structured text data (CSV and fixed-width columns) processing

  • Includes integrated PDF engine for optimised PDF document creation without 3rd party tools as well as the abaility to generate the label preview as an image file.

  • Number of actions available for creating workflows and business rules for printing labels, data processing, network communication and more

Interested in finding out more about label Cloud Essential and the benefits for your business? Contact us for a demonstration.