Label Cloud Essentials

The most cost effective way of moving to a SaaS (Software as a Service) based label printing solution. Label Cloud Essentials offers businesses connecting to 3-20 printers an integrated method of printing from the cloud.


  • Begin your journey into a Cloud based labelling solution with this all-in-one, browser based management system. Offering a fully integrated, intuitive Office 2019 style design environment, users can quickly navigate the software and begin designing and printing labels.

  • Available in 20 different user interface languages, ensures Label Cloud Essential can be rolled out to sites in different parts of the world or can be understood by foreign speaking staff members.

  • System-wide roll based access control, to eliminate errors made by unauthorised personnel amending labels or entering incorrect data.

  • Access advanced labelling analytics - produce comprehensive reports on the labelling process by users, printers, labels, applications and label material used and errors.

  • Simple Document Management System with straightforward system dashboard highlighting recent events, centralised database backed document storage, full content indexing for instant full-text search and the ability to preview labels with dynamic content

  • Single click deployment of centrally controlled labelling applications business wide. Works with simple labels or fully configured PowerForms applications.

  • Label setup wizard for quick start with best printing quality and performance. Text, barcodes, lines, boxes, circles, clip art, images and PDF files. Intuitive GS1 Application Identifier Data Source Wizard.

  • Single screen for straightforward management of dynamic data (Dynamic Data Manager).

Interested in finding out more about Cloud label printing and the benefits for your business? Contact us for a demonstration.